Office Closet Reorganization

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I don’t know about y’all but I love to see before and after pictures of home projects, especially organization projects. So I’ve decided to share my office closet reorganization project with y’all!

When we moved into our current home my office closet became the catch-all for items that I had absolutely no idea where to put. After many months of neglect, I was finally ready to tackle the monstrosity it had become.

Come Up With A Plan

To tackle any overwhelming project, you must come up with a plan, or you will probably feel defeated and just give up. The first thing I had to do was figure out how to properly store all of this stuff. After assessing what I wanted to store in the closet, measuring the closet’s dimensions, and doing lots of research on Amazon, I finally found what I needed.

I decided to get two sets of these cubicle organizers with matching foldable storage cube bins. What drew me to these organizers and bins was that it hides all of the clutter, and tucks everything away which looks nice and neat.

Sort & Organize Clutter

After purchasing and assembling the organizers it was time to tackle the clutter. I went through each piece one at a time deciding whether to keep it, donate it, or toss it. After finally clearing the entire closet and having everything somewhat organized in their designated piles, it was time to dust and vacuum the closet. 

Strategize & Arrange Where Everything Goes

Once the closet was cleared and cleaned out it was time to start strategically adding things back into the closet. But first I needed to move and situate my new cubical organizers into the closet. The organizers fit perfectly still allowing enough room to store a few bigger/bulkier items, such as my sewing machine, rolls of wrapping paper, and my yoga mat.

I managed to store everything into the organizer bins with even a couple of empty bins to spare. I was able to put away all of my office supplies, gift wrap supplies, sewing and craft supplies, and much more. Some items in the “keep” pile really didn’t belong in my office closet in the first place, so I ended up having to find a new home for it somewhere else in the house.

I decided to store some memorabilia items on the top shelf of the closet in boxes and storage containers that I was able to repurpose. I also stored some binders and old planners that I wasn’t able to fit on my bookshelf in my office. Since these weren’t items that I needed on a regular basis I thought the closet shelf would be the perfect spot.

It’s been about a year now since I’ve reorganized my closet and it has successfully stayed clean and organized throughout the year. It’s been so nice to be able to actually find something without having to dig through piles of stuff.

Here are my before and after pictures of my office closet reorganization.

I would love to hear what reorganization projects you’re tackling! Please feel free to share in the comments section down below.

By Melanie
A Dash of Mel